Interested in becoming a brain health coach?


Somatiq is keen on developing and delivering quality education around brain health and cognitive optimization, leveraging exercise and health coaching to create superior outcomes.

Our education has included Ryan Glatt and Bobby Cappuccio speaking for a full day at the Institute of Motion’s Programming Summit, where innovative and practical methodologies, such as advanced health and exercise programming and recovery programming, were covered.

Somatiq is currently developing certifications for several major health and fitness organizations, and is in the process of scheduling live workshops on brain health and cognitive performance. These educational events and courses will be the first in the industry to practically apply exercise and health coaching to the specific improvement of cognitive outcomes.

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Implementing the 4Q cognitive program that was presented by Ryan Glatt at the Institute of Motion Programming Summit has been one of the most fulfilling learning experiences that I have gone through in my continuing education as a fitness professional.
Sessions have become more engaging and a lot more fun; as the mental fog that some clients may be experiencing throughout the day burns off from some of the simplest brain training exercises. Conversations have even gotten deeper due to some of the training strategies that I have been carrying out. All in all these cognitive movement strategies have been very powerful and I look forward to using them in my future sessions.