Ryan’s passion for human health and brain health coaching began while studying at California Lutheran University, where he received a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. Through his continued education, he accumulated over 15 qualifications and certifications relating to human movement, nutrition, mindset, and soft-tissue therapy. This includes the Fellowship of Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute, mentorships with the Institute of Motion, and the Anatomy Trains’ Kinesis Myofascial Integration Training.

After recognizing the absence in the discussion and application of brain health in the health & fitness industry, he began to feverishly study neuroscience and health technology.

It began by recognizing that moving in “shapes” within space stimulated a more creative and engaging workout experience, instead of existing in the repetitive and linear movements that are all too common in modern exercise. He then began pondering the impact of cognitive engagement during exercise and physical activity, considering that movement and exercise put the brain in a state ideal for cognitive enhancement.. This lead to the discovery of various techniques, methods, and technologies that improve brain function and health.

By joining forces with the Institute of Motion, acting on their faculty in the development of education in Cognitive Performance, and working with partners superior in neuroscience and technology, Ryan began to develop systems, techniques, & strategies around employing health coaching & human movement to customize integration cognitive performance programs for individuals & organizations.

Currently, Ryan is developing curriculum for the health and fitness industry on health neuroscience, and coaching individuals towards optimal brain health. He continues to pursue education from the Amen Clinics, the NeuroCoaching Institute, the Neuroscience Academy, and others on the topics of brain health, behavior change, sleep science, breath work, coaching and mindfulness.


Psychometrist and Brain Health Coach

Pacific Neuroscience Institute (PNI)

Administer neuropsychological and cognitive assessments. Create and implement exercise and health programs for brain health and cognitive enhancement.

Director of Programming

SMARTfit Inc.

Creation, research, and implementation of perceptual-cognitive-motor programming for fitness, sports, active aging, clinical, and youth populations. 

Director of Health & Wellness

Peak Brain Institute

Directing Brain – Health Coaching programs, strategies, partnerships, and platforms for integratingcognitive-specific exercise, neurofeedback, mindfulness & other brain-based interventions forachieving cognitive goals.


BSc of Exercise Science

MS of Applied Neuroscience

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