I Educate Health Professionals on Optimizing Brain Health through Movement, Exercise, and Lifestyle.

” so·mat·IQ “/səˈmadik/ adjective soma relating to the body, IQ relating to intelligence/cognition; brought together by t relating to “techniques” that address the brain & body simultaneously.

Ryan Glatt | Brain Health Coach

Ryan has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and over 15 qualifications and certifications relating to human movement, nutrition, mindset, and soft-tissue therapy. This includes the Fellowship of Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute, mentorships with the Institute of Motion, and the Anatomy Trains’ Kinesis Myofascial Integration Training.

Ryan has developed systems, techniques, & strategies around employing health coaching & human movement to customize integration cognitive performance programs for individuals & organizations. Read more.

Free 3-Part Training by Ryan Glatt:
How to Combine Cognitive & Physical Training.